How to Start your own Law Firm and Make it a Success

Law Firm

When you are fresh out of law school, there will be many options open before you – apprenticeship, article clerk, trainee and most importantly starting your own law firm. You can take the latter step only if along with your legal acumen you are also an entrepreneur at heart and passionate about doing something on your own. You will not be short of advice from friends and relatives and other well wishers once you decide to do so which initially can be quite confusing for you.

However, you will surely be on your way to success if you go about things systematically and follow a few guidelines in this regard.

Go slow on Start-up expenses

One advantage that law firms have over the usual start-up businesses like retail stores or similar types is that there are minimum start-up expenses. There is no specialised equipment that needs to be purchased before one can start off. All that is required is a computer, a suit and a phone to start meeting clients and representing them in courts of law. You can even start from a spare room in the house; convert it into a makeshift temporary office for client consultations. The leaner you are about frills and expenses, the more will be the money that you will be taking home from Day 1. You will also inculcate the savings habit and learn to stretch every dollar earned. In a short while you should be able to save enough to invest in elaborate office spaces and hire staff once you establish yourself in the profession.

Start specialising immediately

When you start with a practice, you can opt to be either a general practitioner or go for an area of specialisation with the benefits of the latter far outweighing the latter. You can choose the same area of specialisation that you had in law school instead of trying to deal with family law, probate, civil rights cases and business laws all at once. In all probability you will not be an expert in most of them and hence will have to constantly research and carry out in-depth studies once you take such cases on. You will thus be losing precious time which you could have spent on increasing client base and offering quality services. Decide on a niche and you will make a name for yourself far quicker than being a general practitioner.

Go digital for marketing

Spreading the information that you are in business is crucial and no time should be lost in setting up a marketing network. However, in the present digital age, your effort should be channelized towards an online digital marketing campaign. Contact a reputed digital agency to design and develop a business website and purchase a web domain. Sign on to email before that as the address has to be included in the website. The site should have all your details including your qualifications and area of specialisation. Have the campaign structured on various social media platforms as apart from being affordable it will help to increase awareness among the common person of your legal firm.

Follow these simple guidelines and you should have a successful and well running legal firm.